My Plan

  • Protecting Green Spaces

    Across Gower and Swansea, many of our greenspaces have been put forward for development under the Local Development Plan. Myles will continue to challenge this and stand up for our area.

  • Helping Business Survive through Covid

    Local businesses need support to get through the Coronavirus pandemic. Myles, who already has a record of helping traders, will campaign for lower business rates and additional support for our vital hospitality sector.

  • Boost Funding for Schools

    Myles wants schools to be funded directly, so that less money is wasted on bureaucracy and local schools have more money to spend on their own priorities.

  • Improving Opportunities for Young People

    Myles, one of Swansea’s youngest councillors, has engaged with young people on policy and wants their voices heard on the issues that matter to them which included setting up a youth shadow cabinet.

  • Supporting our NHS

    Our NHS is often overlooked by the Welsh Labour Government – Like the decision to site the Major Trauma Unit in Cardiff rather than Swansea. Myles will fight for our local NHS

  • Keeping Welsh Taxes Down

    The Welsh Government has the power to vary income tax in Wales – which Labour are likely to increase, leaving less money in your pocket! Myles will campaign against any increase in Wales.